November, 2017

Wonky Ship Blasts Off On Steam
"Torturing gamers is tons of fun - now it's time to see if the PC crowd can defy waves of certain death to claim a top score," grinned Kiz Studios Director of Publishing, Craig Albeck. "Steam is a great platform for challenging arcade games like Wonky Ship, and the competitive aspects - like leaderboards and live PvP - add even more fun to the mix."

Wonky Ship is a fast-paced arcade game where your task is simple - keep your spaceship from falling into the black hole. You can take it slow and steady, tapping your thrusters as you dip and dodge meteors, or put things in overdrive to flip out and earn some score multipliers. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score...

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January, 2017

Little Bigfoot & Appliv
"Wait... what was that? Was it really Bigfoot? While in reality this can be debated, you have no choice but to believe it when you find there are dozens of Bigfeet in need of rescue! Take control of the last remaining free little Bigfoot, and save your pack while avoiding capture by greedy Hunters and notorious secret organizations!

Tap and hold on the screen while swiping in different directions to move, or tap on a location to tip-toe there quietly. You can also hold and swipe quickly to speed up - useful for when you are detected by the enemy and need a quick escape. Tap the yellow icon at the bottom of the screen to activate temporary 'big Bigfoot' mode and unleash a rampage on everything and everyone around you."

August 13, 2015

Halos Released on iOS!

Aug. 13, 2015 - HALOS, the free react-and-match mobile game from Kiz Studios, is now available exclusively for iOS devices. Simple but addicting, HALOS is the ultimate reflex challenge. It seems easy at first - just guide the falling rings to their matching bases before they shatter. But as more colors are added and rings start falling faster, players will either short-circuit their brains or enter a zen-like state of hypermatching bliss.

Highlights of HALOS -

  • 100% Free to Play
  • Jump in and play instantly - a game with no learning curve
  • Earn points to score big and dominate the global leaderboard
  • Sharpen your skills with a variety of levels and challenges
  • Share and compete with Facebook friends
  • Enjoy energetic music with simple, gorgeous visuals
  • Zone out and free your mind to achieve pure reaction zen
For truly dedicated players, the game offers an array of levels with new and increasingly difficult challenges. There's also a way to slow things down for a brief period of peaceful, slow-n-easy matching, which is available at the start of each round.

And for colorblind players, Kiz Studios has created a solution that allows players to eliminate difficult color combinations for a wide variety of common color pairings.

Download HALOS now - exclusively on the iTunes App Store

For the latest information, videos and reveals about HALOS, visit

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April 16, 2015

Sony announces Trans-Galactic Tournament for PlayStation 4

April 16, 2015 - Kiz Studios today revealed a brand new action-packed MOBA launching Summer 2015 on the PSN Store.

Developed in close collaboration with Hibernum Creations, Trans-Galactic Tournament or 'TGT' has been 100% handcrafted to take unique advantage of the impressive processing power of the PlayStation®4.

"Our team here at Kiz Studios are tremendous fans of Sony and we're incredibly excited by the opportunity to bring a free-to-play MOBA to PlayStation gamers globally", said Mark Parrish, President, Kiz Studios. "Our mantra in developing TGT was to deliver the ultimate console MOBA experience that's easy to learn yet challenging to master".

Utilizing the DUALSHOCK®4 controller, both action game fans and MOBA players alike will be able to execute lighting fast ambushes, killer combos and team tactics in a whole new and highly intuitive way. In addition, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive the benefit of exclusive in-game content.

Key Game Features include:

  • Compete with or against your friends in intense 4v4 online matches with ladder rankings, stat tracking and much more!
  • Enjoy 3 incredibly fun and unique multiplayer modes spanning the entire galaxy, in stunningly lethal locations.
  • Collect and customize outrageous champions, each with powerfully unique abilities, weapons and styles of play.
  • 100% Free-to-Play
TGT is rated E 10+ For Everyone. For more information about the ESRB, visit For the latest information, videos and reveals about TGT, visit the official game page at

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December 19, 2014

Critter Escape! Launches on Bemobi Platform
Atlanta, Ga. - December, 19, 2014 - Two years after the release of the mobile hit Critter Escape!, Kiz Studios is still finding ways to get the game in front of new users. Most recently, Kiz launched the stealth puzzle game on Bemobi, a subscription-based app store that offers carriers, developers and consumers a better alternative for best-in-class Android mobile apps. Initially available in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, Bemobi gives Android mobile device owners unlimited use of select mobile apps through carriers, providing premium developers with increased long-term revenue based on a recurring monthly payment model.

"Critter Escape! has been a great title for us, and we're still finding new platforms for the game all over the globe," said Kiz Studios President, Mark Parish. "Bemobi is a unique service that is still growing, and it gives us a lot of coverage in some really big markets."

Especially attractive in countries where credit card and debit card penetration is low, Bemobi changes the payments dynamic through its partnership with local and regional carriers. In addition to Bemobi, Critter Escape! is currently available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

About Kiz Studios:
Kiz Studios is an independent video game and entertainment developer with offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. With titles like the mobile hit Critter Escape! and the cross-platform battler Might & Mayhem, Kiz Studios bends genres and blurs the lines between casual and hardcore, making accessible games for a global audience. To learn more, check out

About Bemobi:
Bemobi is changing the mobile app monetization model for developers of high-quality Android apps through its innovative, subscription-based app store, available through wireless carriers. Its "Netflix-style" app store allows subscribers to explore, download and use as many apps as they wish from their Bemobi-powered and carrier branded app store, with recurring revenues shared by developers. Bemobi puts carriers in the apps value chain while also giving subscribers an easy way to enjoy the best apps in music, games, utilities, health and more, on an unlimited-usage basis. Initially available in Brazil, Bemobi's app store is expanding in countries around the world. To learn more, log on to the Bemobi developer site at

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November 19, 2014

Kiz Studios Announces Solution for Music & Entertainment Industry Woes with New Company You42
ATLANTA, GA (USA) - Mobile game-maker, Kiz Studios, announced today its expansion into the broader entertainment space with the launch of its new company, You42. The team at You42 has been working quietly for the past three years designing a solution to reboot the struggling entertainment industry whose sales have been decimated by piracy.

You42's new platform is a true social entertainment network that reinvents how users discover, interact and collaborate with entertainment content through a single, integrated experience. This creates multiple new revenue opportunities for musicians, filmmakers, athletes, and other media creators to monetize their brands and content to the fullest. In fact, You42 will distribute 98% of all sales back to this community.

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November 5, 2014

Kiz Studios featured in Charleston City Paper!
"On Maybank Highway, close to Wild Olive, sits a road called Bluebird. Although "road" may not be the appropriate word. It's more of a gravel-covered break in the trees. It's the kind of street where, when you turn down it, you hear roosters crowing in the not-too-terribly-far distance. It's the kind of street where you wonder if your GPS isn't, perhaps, leading you somewhere to kill you.

If you make it about 100 yards down Bluebird, however, you can turn in to a parking lot filled with benches and a basketball court. There you'll find a video game development company that's been quietly creating games and stirring up an internet buzz since 2008. Tech development surrounded by nature, how very Charleston..."

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October 16, 2014

Might & Mayhem Releases Worldwide on iOS & Android
Atlanta, GA (October 16, 2014) - With shields ready and swords drawn, Kiz Studios unleashes Might & Mayhem, the first multiplayer mobile battle game built for the masses!

Featuring quick turn-based combat and simple character leveling, even casual players will have fun stomping through single player quests and smashing heads in live PvP battles. At the same time, veteran gamers will find dozens of fighters with unique abilities and game changing items, giving them the kind of in-depth customization they need to try out new combos, perfect their strategy and battle their way to the top.

"Our team has been living this game for a while now, but instead of getting burned out we still love to battle each other," says Stephen Johnson, CCO, Kiz Studios. "It's a deep game with simple mechanics that never takes itself too seriously. We just hope players have as much fun with it as we do."

Might & Mayhem is cross platform, so iOS and Android users can battle each other and users can access the same account on both platforms. To join the mayhem, click here to download Might and Mayhem, and battle your brains out!

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October 14, 2014

Jiggle Watts Wiggles into Canada for Soft Launch Debut
ATLANTA, GA (October 14, 2014) - Look out world, the S'morasaurus is unleashed! Jiggle Watts, the latest puzzle game from Kiz Studios, has made its soft launch debut. The game is currently available exclusively in Canada on Android devices. This is the first step on the way to a worldwide release later this year on iOS and Android devices.

"We are happy to release our jelly friends into the great land of Canada!" said Lead Developer Eric Robinson. "We're going to take what we learn from soft launch and keep working hard to bring the Jiggle Watts to the rest of the world."

Packed with over 90 levels, Jiggle Watts offers a shockingly unique arcade puzzle experience, powered by a cast of cute little jelly jigglers bursting with personality. In addition to Quest Mode, there's a Free Play Mode with Daily Challenges and Rewards. Also, with the Friend Assist Feature players can request help if they get stuck on a level, or come to the rescue when their friends get in a jam.

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September 7, 2014

Might & Mayhem Beta Reviewed by 148apps
Of all the "hardcore" game genres that have had recent new life as more casual mobile games, RPGs might be one of the most surprising. With their focus on numbers, organization, and slow, patient play, you wouldn't expect them to fit in with quick, flashy distractions. However, the upcoming Might & Mayhem offers a pretty clear explanation for this phenomenon. While it has many trappings of a dense role-playing adventure, playing it is a much more straightforward, and arguably stripped-down affair. We find out if it still has enough of the goods in this edition of It Came From Canada!

In Might & Mayhem players build a three-person team of fantasy warriors - from dashing but weak sword fighters to mysterious and buff spell casters - and fight a series of turn-based battles. There's no real overworld to explore, not much grinding, and little emphasis on loot. Rather, players just take on battle after battle in kingdoms full of enemy robots and goblins before reaching a boss. Fortunately, the combat has some depth to justify its prominence. As each match goes on, players accrue more action points. With more action points, they can launch stronger attacks or multiple attacks at once. However, skills still have limits, so balance and strategy is crucial. Go for the strongest foe or take out the weak healer first? Smart tactics become especially necessary in online battles...

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September 5, 2014

Kiz Studios & Atlanta Tech Edge
Kiz Studios' trip to Gamescom was featured on Atlanta Tech Edge. Our segment begins around the 5 minute mark. Thanks to Atlanta Tech Edge and the state of Georgia for hosting us at Gamescom 2014!

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May 9, 2014

Might & Mayhem Launches in Canada
ATLANTA, GA (May 9, 2014) – This week, Kiz Studios continued the Might & Mayhem soft launch, releasing the action/strategy game to Canadian players through the Google Play store. The beta version of the game is now available on Android devices in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

"We’re all excited to reach this next step in our launch schedule," said Mark Parrish, Kiz Studios’ EVP Operations. "Canada is a great market for mobile, and this launch will give us a lot of valuable data to help us refine the game."

Might & Mayhem is scheduled for worldwide release in Summer 2014, with availability on iOS and Android devices.

About the game

Might & Mayhem is an arcade–style battle/game. Players choose their fighters and battle in turn–based combat against other users, or on single player quests. They then use gold, orbs and unique items to upgrade, enhance and evolve their fighters, earning loot while adding new characters to their barracks.

May 5, 2014

Sandra Gualtieri Represents Kiz at ACT Fly-In
On Sunday, April 27th, Sandra Gualtieri from the Kiz corporate office traveled to Washington, DC to meet with elected officials and the Federal Trade Commission to talk about tech policy.

"Washington is focused on efforts to address privacy, patent reform and internet security", said Gualtieri. "It is critical that any action taken by Washington provides an environment that allows companies like ours to innovate and thrive."

"I’ll be joining up with fifty leading entrepreneurs from across the country to participate in the Association for Competitive Technology Washington Fly–In. We will descend on the nation’s capital to help lawmakers recognize the incredible impact that small technology companies are having on our nation’s economy."

More than three–quarters of the most successful companies in the mobile software industry are small businesses – and apps are now a $68 billion marketplace. No one talked about apps six years ago, but now a whole ecosystem has emerged creating jobs for software developers, engineers, graphic artists, marketing professionals, and administrative personnel.

"I am traveling to Washington to educate lawmakers about important issues in our industry and to explain how overly broad regulation often becomes an obstacle to growth. We also look to areas where technology and policy can combine to meet the needs of industry and consumers."

"These are all important issues that the federal government is facing. The outcomes really matter to Kiz and that is why I’m making sure our voice is heard. Hopefully, an informed Congress will allow companies like ours to continue to flourish."

Kiz Studios, which provides innovative game design to a broad audience, was well represented during visits with Georgia Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, Georgia Representative Rob Woodall, and FTC Commissioners Joshua Wright and Maureen Ohlhausen.

April 25, 2014

Might & Mayhem Beta Reviewed by SlimGamer!

Might & Mayhem is a turn-based battler that lets you battle against friends or foes online or in single the single player campaign/quest mode. You can mix and match fighters until you put together your dream team, and there's a whole lot of depth as your fighters, castle and equipment are all upgradable.

The battles can take some time, and there is quite a bit of strategy involved as each character has a couple of different moves. You'll always have to keep your AP points in mind, but you'll have plenty of them to use the longer the match lasts. The same goes for your opponent though, so don't get too excited when you get 10 AP per round as that just gives their robot lancer or healer another crack at you.

Most of my time was spent in single player mode, but the PvP battles were a blast. Matchmaking was solid and my opponent's teams have always matched closely to mine - no overpowering matchups. PvP is great and there's an Alliance Mode listed as "Coming Soon" as well. There is no energy gauge to deal with either so you can battle your brains out, and the only timers I've encountered have been with evolving and upgrading items or your castle...

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March 17, 2014

ATLANTA, GA (MARCH 17, 2014) -- Last week, Kiz Studios unleashed its new mobile title, Might & Mayhem, in Australia and New Zealand. This soft launch is the first release for the game, which is currently available for download on Android devices exclusively in these two countries.

"So far we've had a great response," said Mark Parrish, Kiz Studios' EVP Operations. "This game has a lot of potential, and all the feedback we receive during this soft launch will help make our worldwide release even more successful."

Australia and New Zealand are only the first two stops for Might & Mayhem. The game will receive a worldwide release in Summer 2014, with availability on iOS and Android devices.

Might & Mayhem is an arcade-style battle/strategy game. Players choose their fighters and battle in turn-based combat against other users, or on single player quests. They then use gold, orbs and unique items to upgrade, enhance and evolve their fighters, earning loot while adding new characters to their barracks.

September 11, 2013

ATLANTA, GA (SEPT 11, 2013) -- Kiz Studios, an independent developer of mobile and PC games, has released their action-packed arena combat game, Smashmuck Champions™ , on Steam via the "Early Access" program. Gamers from around the world are invited to download the game for free and help shape the future of the title with their feedback and ideas. The game can be found online on Steam at:

"At PAX Prime in Seattle, we were overwhelmed by the incredible reaction the game received from both fans and media, so we're excited to bring Smashmuck Champions™ to Steam's much larger audience," said Ashley Johnson, President and COO, Kiz Studios. " Smashmuck Champions™ is the accessible-but-competitive alternative to traditional MOBAs and it thrives on fast and intense matches, FPS-style game modes and, most importantly, our commitment to open development. We invite our players to join us in the development process -- our game is truly designed by and for the fans. Steam's "Early Access" program provides us with an even larger platform from which we can welcome even more great gamer minds into the fold."

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September 11, 2013

Smashmuck Champions™ is now live on Steam Early Access!

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September 6, 2013

Massively gets hands on with SmashMuck and is "super impressed".

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September 6, 2013

OnRPG checks out SmashMuck at PAX Prime 2013 and champions Kiz as the cult hero of design studios.

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September 5, 2013

Art Director Allen White talks to Polygon about SmashMuck's fast-paced combat and the important role of the community in development.

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August 24, 2013

Smashmuck Champions™ Design-A-Champ Panel
For the third PAX event we're inviting the audience to put on their design hats, shout down naysayers and collaborate with developers LIVE to create Smashmuck's next great Champ. What designs will blaze to glorious life in this crucible of gladiatorial mayhem?!

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May 9, 2013

Go Chuck Yourself!
Indie developer Kiz Studios launches the playfully irreverent physics-based adventure game Chuck the Muck on iOS and Android today. Chuck a gob of muck named Chuck (say that three times fast) through gooey, interactive puzzles and environments using simple trajectory controls, collecting rewards along the way.

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March 12, 2013

SMC: Steam Closed Beta!
Kiz's take on the classic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) launches into Closed Beta on Steam at PAX East! Join the developers as we jump into smashing action, taking over the PC LAN Area, providing live demos at our booth and giving PAX goers the chance to design the next great SmashMuck Champion LIVE during our panel Friday, March 22 at 8:30pm. Remember! It's not a good con until somebody GETS SMASHED!

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August 16, 2012

Critter Escape™ Launch!
Stealth-based, adventure game Critter Escape™! is available now for both iOS and Android devices. Help your critter race through 120 levels of top secret labs, sneaking past guards and evading capture. Discover bonus features and unlock hidden content along your way in fully 3D rendered environments. Don't delay, make your escape today!

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